Luxe Emerald (Exterior Ceramic/Glass Coating)

Package Package Include
  • Paint thickness digitally measured in microns.
  • Dual stage paint decontamination by Nanoskin auto scrub.
  • 3-Step Paintwork correction and reconditioning by professional tools and polishers.
  • Glazing process to all painted area to further nourish the paint for immense depth, mirror reflections and optical clarity.
  • IPA wipe down to strip excess oils from paint surface.
  • All windows decontaminated using Nanoskin Auto scrub.
  • All windows polished and sealant protected.
  • Wheels cleaned, waxed & sealed.
  • Rubber seals cleansing and conditioning.
  • All chrome and stainless steel surfaces cleansing and polishing.
  • Head and tail lights machine polishing and coated.
  • Glass Coating Package: Limpid Glass coating (2 x layers) for protection from harmful UV rays & deep crystal finish. Limpid is SIO2 based pure inorganic glass coating with 85% active ingredients designed to deliver extreme gloss and depth of all kind of paint surfaces.
  • Ceramic Coating Package: CQuartz Finest Reserve Ceramiccoating (2 + 1 layer) for protection from harmful UV rays & deep crystal finish. Finest Reserve is Ceramic based coating with life upto 5 years designed to deliver extreme gloss and depth of all kind of paint surfaces with ultimate protection.
  • Time:  1 day – 2 days (Depending upon Condition & Size of the Vehicle).
Cost Package Cost

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